Casa Parini

Our Values

At Casa Parini we take pride in being an environmentally and socially conscious brand. We care about what our products are made of and about who makes them.

We choose hemp because, unlike plants such as cotton, it needs no pesticides and very little water to grow. Hemp also helps detoxify and enrich the soil in which it is grown.  Our suppliers comply with the highest environmental and social standards set up for textile production. All our dyes are AZO-free.

Our sheets and pillowcases are tailored by the seamstresses of Colori Vivi, a social enterprise led by professional tailors and designers that employs and trains women migrants and refugees. Based in the city of Turin, Colori Vivi is a member of the Kering Foundation’s community of social entrepreneurs.




Casa Parini’s sheets and pillowcases are made to last for decades. Before use, we suggest you wash them once at 40 °C /100° F for extra softness. 

Viola Stancati Casa Parini